A step-by-step guide to grow Weed

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Many people growing marijuana in their home gardens for fun and for its herbal and medical attributes in curing, relieving pain/stress and stimulating. How to grow weed, you may ask? Having a successful mini crop in your home garden may not require any previous experience. A step-by-step guide to grow Weed is given below:

1. Obtaining Seeds: Seeds may sometimes accidentally find their way into your garden through bird droppings etc. However, you may obtain your requirements from friends or known parties who already know how to grow weed. If they do not have, they might direct you to other sources including discreet online shops.

2. Germinating Seeds: Germination is a better option than planting directly on the soil for monitoring if all seeds produce plants. Seeds germinate well when placed on moist paper towels or in the pores of a moistened sponge.

3. Planting Sprouts: After seeds crack revealing sprouts, place them on pre-arranged soil (preferably in small pots at one per plant) and cover them with a light layer of soil on top.

4. Supplying Light: Forty-Watt fluorescent lights are ideal although higher yields could be obtained by using high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halides. Place them at a height of two inches from the soil for optimum results, and as the plants become taller, keep on adjusting the lights to a height of two to four inches from the top of the plants.

A step-by-step guide to grow Weed is complete!

Now that you have successfully grown some marijuana plants, here are a few more tips for their proper nurturing for a better yield.


If there is one secret to knowing how to grow weed, it’s the soil. Get the best possible soil free of any contamination and infestation. Excellent beds of soil can be purchased from some grocery stores, local nurseries or plant shops (preferably with a friend’s recommendation) and also from reputed sellers like Wall Mart and K-Mart.

Humidity and Temperature:

Maintain a temperature of 68˚ to 78˚ Fahrenheit during daytime and about 53˚ to 63˚ F in the night. Keep the growing area in the garden or growing room/greenhouse comparatively dry.


Do watering at frequent intervals to retain an even moistness from top to the bottom of the soil (in the pots).

Harvesting / Curing:

Different individuals do curing in different ways. Whatever the method you adopt, what is most important is that you dry them slowly over 5 to 7 days at a temperature of 65 to 75˚ F with a humidity level of 45 to 55% when the moisture evaporates evenly giving the final product a sweet taste with a smooth smoke. Temperatures below 65˚ would make the drying process slower causing humidity to rise quickly. Conversely, raising the temperature over 75˚ makes the buds dry too fast, bringing the humidity below the 50% level making the smoke too harsh. Fall in humidity to a level of 30 to 40% causes the buds to dry too fast losing on flavor and odor giving it a “green taste”. If you take care to keep to the above guidelines on how to grow weed, you may enjoy a great harvest.

A step-by-step guide to grow Weed.

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